May 10, 2012

Camera Strap Cover With Lens Pocket

Camera Strap Cover with Lens Pocket

Please read all instructions before beginning.
Use a .25” seam allowance.
WOF is assumed to be 40”.
Finished size is 33" x 3".


2 contrasting/coordinating fabrics, ¼ yard each
Fusible fleece

Cutting Instructions

Cut (1) 35” x 4” strip from each fabric. One will be the top fabric A, one will be the bottom/back fabric B.
Cut (1) 4” x 6.5” stripe from fabric B for the pocket piece.
Cut (1) 33” x 3” strip of fusible fleece.


1 Fuse the 35” strip of fabric B to the strip of fusible fleece. The reverse side of fabric B will be facing up, and the fusible side of the fleece will be facing down. I found it easiest to start at the middle and work toward the ends. I spent time smoothing and pinning, to keep everything centered.

2 Now is the time to add some faux quilting lines on the back fabric, if you want.

3 Fold the fabric B pocket piece in half, wrong sides together. Baste or pin it to one end of top fabric A, matching raw edges.

4 Join both long strips of fabric on one long side, only.  Back stitch at each end.  Stitch a parallel seam next to the fleece, back stitch at each end again.  Press seam toward fabric A.

5 At each short end of the combined strip, fold the raw edge up, toward the edge of the fleece, you’ll have about .5” left, and double stitch.

6 Fold the long strip, right sides together, stitch, as in step 4, turn strap right side out, tread your camera’s strap thru, and enjoy.

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