August 28, 2012

Simply Random Solids Quilt

 Simply Random Solids Quilt

This is an exercise in color choice.  First I picked a photo that I liked.

Then I used Big Huge Labs to help develop a color palette.  I ordered ½ yard of 15 solids that I thought were closest.

For your quilt choose 10 to 15 different solid fabrics, the more the merrier.


From each of your fabrics cut 8 x 8 inch squares.  You want a total of 80 squares.  You could cut 5, 6, 7 or 8 of each fabric depending on the number of fabrics.

Joining the Four Patches:

1.    Randomly strip piece the 80 squares you are using into pairs.  Press the seam to one side.
2.    Randomly join two pieces from step 1, together, snuggling the seams together.  Now you have 20 Four Patch Blocks.

Making Disappearing Four Patches:

1.    Choose 10 of your Four Patch Blocks to alter into Disappearing Four Patches.
2.    Disappearing Four Patches are made by slicing your four patch block 2” from the center seams, on both sides of the seam.  If possible use a small rotating cutting mat, so you don’t have to lift the fabric, as you make the slices.

3.    Lift the top center strip and move it to the right center.  Place the right center at the bottom center, the bottom center at the left center and the left center at the top center.

4.    Join the top three pieces together.  Repeat for the middle three, then the bottom three.  Now, join the top and bottom strips to the middle strip, producing a Disappearing Four Patch.  Repeat for the remaining blocks that are to become Disappearing Four Patches.
5.    True up all 20 four patch units to about 14 x 14 inches; depending on you seams this size may need to be a bit smaller.  It’s necessary to make all the units the same size for the final assembly.

Assemble Quilt Top:

1.    Keeping it random, place all 20 Four Patch Blocks in a pleasing pattern.   If random makes you nervous, alternate Four Patch Blocks with Disappearing Four Patches.  Move the patches around until you’re happy.
2.    Join the four units in each row; join the five rows together.  The quilt top is finished
3.    Finished quilt top is approximately 54 X 67 inches.

Making the Quilt back:

You’ll have plenty of fabric left from your original ½ yard cuts to make a center panel for the quilt back.  You’ll need approximately 2.5 yards of additional fabric to make the side panels for the quilt back.
1.    Cut your original fabric various lengths, all will be 18 inches wide.  For example 3”, 5” 6”, all by 18 inches wide.
2.    Randomly strip piece these 18” strips together.  Continue until the center panel is 8 inches longer than the quilt top, about 75 inches.
3.    Border the center panel with one panel that is 18 x 75 inches and one panel that is 28 by 75 inches.


Now you are ready to assemble your quilt, or use a long arm quilter.  I used The Happy Quilting Lady, Janiel Miller, 951.677.3029
May your bobbins always be full

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