November 4, 2013

Positive Queen Quilt Tutorial

I had an inquiry about making a custom quilt for a lady.  I'd seen the quilt she wanted on Pinterest, but the original quilter didn't mention a pattern or a tutorial, so it was up to me to do the math and come with with a plan for making my customers' quilt.  I was only interested in making the queen size, so I made a trial quilt, based on my math.  This is the quilt she wanted, in queen size.

deux petites souris: Positivity...

She wants the same colors with a solid light yellow binding, not pieced.  It appears to me that this quilt is much smaller that queen size and the pieces are squares.  In doing my math, I discovered that square units for the solid color fabric wouldn't work, the quilt would not be a queen size.  I made the necessary adjustments to keep my customers' quilt, true to the original image, but the size she wants.

If you follow along, you'll end up with a Positive Queen Size Quilt Top, 85" x 94".


1/2 yard of twelve different fabrics
2.5 to 3 yards of background fabric, the extra half yard is for just in case.

Cutting Instructions

Fabric for the pluses:

From each 1/2 yard of fabric, cut (2) 9" pieces WOF.  From these strips cut (1) 29" piece and (2) 10" pieces; giving you (1) 9" x 29" rectangle and (2) 9" x 10" rectangles.  Press these pieces, fold in half along the longest side and press a halfway mark.

Background Fabric, cut (10) 9" strips WOF.

From these strips, cut
(6) 9" x 15.25" pieces - rows B
(16) 9" x 5" pieces - rows C
(8) 9" x 10.5" pieces - rows C
(2) 9" x 19.5" pieces - rows A
(4) 9"x 25.5" pieces - rows A

I recommend cutting the larger pieces, first.


This quilt has eleven rows, but it's made up of only four different rows, repeated using different fabrics.  All the rows should be 85" long when joined.

Join the (2) rows D.
Join the (3) rows B.
Working one at a time, join the (4) rows C, making sure you've got the proper top and bottom "arms", going together.  I laid out the necessary rows B and D to help.
Join the (2) rows A.

Now you're ready to stitch the entire quilt top together.  This is when you'll use those halfway press marks, to keep every thing even.  I recommend joining the rows in groups of three, plus one set of two rows; then join two sets together, giving you two halves of the quilt.  When you join the two halves, you'll have a finished Positive Queen Size Quilt Top.  Do your final "truing-up" and you'll be ready to make your quilt back.

May your bobbins always be full

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